Saturday, May 12, 2007

LuitDox Platinum Document Management System

In today's dynamic corporate environment project teams work in different geographical locations and some of the team members never meet in person during the entire project lifecycle. The normal mode of electronic communication in such a case is via emails. Even though emails are quick and efficient, they are not suitable for managing project documents, identifying document-related issues as they unfold or taking corrective action before larger problems arise. Additionally, there is no single repository where business knowledge can be stored for future use. Businesses are fed up with these challenges and are seeking a proactive way to drive business visibility, control, accountability and productivity.

The solution to these challenges is a document management software that will provide a collaborative document and knowledge management functionality to streamline business related documents. LuitDox Platinum from Luit Infotech is such a document management software. It provides enterprises unprecendented freedom and flexibility to securely manage and work on critical business documents from any location in the world. LuitDox Platinum is extremely easy to use and helps today's global businesses in streamlining their critical business knowledge and collaborating on their digital assets. The intuitive workflow engine of LuitDox Platinum helps companies streamline their document approval processes. LuitDox Platinum document management system benefits a broad spectrum of businesses across all verticals to enforce document naming conventions, ensure strict document approval processes, and add consistency to existing document filing procedures.

The cost benefits and ROI of implementing LuitDox Platinum are many. Depending on a company’s specific business document workflow, LuitDox Platinum can save wasted employee time, expensive real estate allocated to document storage and recurring overnight mail and courier charges required to transfer information from one destination to another. Employee productivity is gained through hours lost in locating and retrieving documents (especially lost documents) as well as recreating documents over and over again.

LuitDox Platinum is a fully collaborative enterprise document management system that will make the individual more efficient at his or her daily job. The software also enhances team performances by facilitating them to work more quickly, efficiently and accurately across distance on individual projects, as well as capturing vital knowledge along the way to streamline similar projects in the future.

LuitDox Platinum thus fills up the gap created by traditional document management systems by providing an easy to use and intuitive collaborative document management tool that will achieve broad acceptance amongst a company’s knowledge workers.

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